From the Director
Jeanice McDade, Heart of God India

In response to God's leading, Heart of God India ministers in several regions throughout India. Through the years, we have been blessed to invest in the lives of men, women and children in highly populated regions and remotely located villages. Heart of God India is unique in that all of our staff are volunteers who work out of their own homes maintaining a very low overhead; we have no salaries to pay, no vehicles to maintain.

Heart of God India is primarily evangelistic as our foundation is Christ and Him crucified. Humanitarian projects are always undertaken along with the clear Gospel message in order that no confusion exist as from where the Source of all help comes. Our Children’s Center has been established to house, train and take care of the needy children.

Our goal is to raise up men and women who can successfully communicate the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, void of cultural influence which, unfortunately, distorts the genuine Truth of God's Word and free gift of salvation through faith in the completed work of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is in the genuine and pure Word of God that a strong church is built, one that will influence others through evangelism.

There are endless opportunities in India where there are so many needs represented among so many people groups. Pray with us, partner with us, join us as we pursue God’s will in and for India!

Jan Ross Ministries
Sponsorship Programs

It is the primary purpose of Heart of God India's ministry programs to make an eternal impact on the lives of those who might otherwise be forgotten. Working together, we have the opportunity to impact the lives and ministry of pastors, orphaned and/or impoverished children, and men and women whose lives have been ravaged by leprosy.

While we use the word "sponsorship" for these specific groups of precious souls, any funds received are used to collectively support these programs as opposed to directing the funds to one or more specific individuals. We do this so every child or every pastor or every leper under our care will benefit from your support or "sponsorship". Regardless which program you choose to support, you will be impacting those who live in extreme poverty. Your generosity will not only provide for them in tangible ways, but your gifts will be a source of immense encouragement as they see God using others to meet their unique needs. In other words, you will become the answer to their fervent prayers for God to make provision in a climate where lack is often paralyzing.

Ministry to Pastors Ministry to Orphans Ministry to Lepers